This is Samantha (me). As I sit and attempt to write about myself, I find it difficult to explain what I do at the Inn. While I am technically the marketing director and event coordinator (the owners have nicknamed me “the bride whisperer”), I feel my main job is being the comic relief at the Inn. There can be some crazy days here and while everyone on staff has had their share of bad days, sometimes it’s nice for someone to find a funny youtube video, create glasses out of pipe cleaners or bust out in the chicken dance. And, yes, I have done all of those things shamelessly.

In addition to my duties of being the “crazy one”, I work on all the special events at the Inn. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday or wedding, it is a wonderful feeling to make someone’s special moment perfect and memorable. My favorite memories are sharing all of life’s simple pleasures (good food, delightful wine and lots of laughs) with family and friends and I strive to pass that along to others.

The marketing side involves a whole lot of me giving free nights away at the Inn…so be nice to me!

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