One of our happy couples in the Trinity Suite: Photo by Vesic Photography
Deanna Crossman went to Cal Tech University for undergrad and Duke Graduate School for Cell Biology. While she is obviously a smart cookie, she bought an old house in the Wall Town district of Durham to renovate into a gorgeous home.  In the process of renovations, she met Colin.  A Carnegie Mellon University and Duke Law graduate, he had taken on his own house project across the street.  A professor of patent law at Duke, he had always had a passion for historic homes and demolition work! As they discussed their ongoing projects, they began to have more in common than just houses. Love began to grow between them and they got married in 2006.  You would think this would be the end of the story, but following their vows they hoofed it up to Vermont to have their “honeymoon” aka contracting school!  Shortly after their trip, they left their up and coming careers and followed their dreams by purchasing a recently closed elderly women’s home in the historic Trinity Park neighborhood of Durham.  From that point on, the newly weds began their work on the 1920’s, 17,000 sf building and through an extensive green renovation they created the luxurious, 17 room King’s Daughters Inn that stands today.

This is a love story of not only a couple, but a love story of following your dreams. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!
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