Early this summer we were approached by one of Deanna’s favorite Saturday morning shows, American Home Builder. They requested a few rooms in exchange for a commercial. When we learned that we would be producing a commercial, we began to look up other hotels that had successful advertising. Since we were not able to afford William Shatner as the “King’s Daughters Inn negotiator”, we opted for highlighting the Inn’s 1920’s luxury as well as all the modern amenities.

Since no celebrities are present in the Durham area very often (Coach K is currently in China), a couple of our more outgoing employees signed up for the gig with promises of hair and make up (Thanks POSH Salon!) and a celebratory mimosa.

In the photo above, you see Susan (Flapper Girl) meeting Samantha (me, the Modern Girl). We are so excited to see the finished product! It may be a little cheesy, but we had so much fun! Just another tough day in the office….

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