With Deanna’s LARGE double magnum birthday wine staring at us for the past month now, we decided to have a party to eat, drink and be merry! We had most of our staff, both past and present, to enjoy a delicious dinner that paired spectacularly with the Clay Station Old Vine Zinfandel.

In the photo, you see a glass of red, a couple glasses of Colin’s home made tonic and Susan’s “Crack” Pie.

What is “Crack” Pie you ask? Check out this article from the LA Times for a full description about Momofuku’s Restaurant, but it basically is a pie that is so delicious you become addicted. You are sure to have sugar buzz after a few bites and, of course, we made some home made whipped cream to top it all off.

Thank you to Deanna for sharing her LARGE birthday gift with the whole King’s Daughters Inn crew.
Not a bad place to work, huh?

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