We are constantly learning about what adds to the experience of a luxury hotel. Through trial and error, we have discovered a few things that guests adore. 
Here is our list of items that we have gathered this Fall through our observations:

1) Veggie vs. Meat Omelettes – It seems that most prefer a veggie omelette, but with normal veggies (i.e. tomato, onions, peppers & mushrooms). Note to us: NO baby bok choy, broccoli or squash in the omelette.
2) Cork vs. Screw Cap Wine – The ease of a screw cap is a miracle. After a long day, no one wants to fiddle with a wine opener. Pinot Noir + Screw Cap + Comfy Room = Relaxation. 

3) Cookies ARE ALWAYS consumed – Gingerbread Chocolate Chip, Coconut Sugar, Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip or Pecan Brown Butter. If we bake them, they will come.
4) People feel awkward ringing the big bell at the front desk – BUT we WANT you to RING THE BELL! It is our job to help you, so go ahead and we can help you with anything you would like!
5) iPad vs. MacMini – We replaced all our MacMinis to iPads. Guests love it (you can get all the newspapers right at your finger tips), we love it because it is much more user friendly for the guests.
Anything you love at the Inn? Let us know via Facebook!
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