Vendor Friday is brought to you by Four Square Restaurant this week!
Four Square rotates their fresh and local menu every two months and be sure that Colin & Deanna try to indulge in each and every new menu they offer. On Tuesday, they found a babysitter for the Inn (me) and traipsed over to Four Square to check out what chef had to offer. 
If you have never been to Four Square, you must try a cocktail. If you like Whiskey bar, Revolution or Geer St. Garden (which we all adore as well), Four Square goes head to head with any one of their classy cocktails. Colin ordered a Cognac Sazerac and Deanna got a St. Germain cocktail with Cardinal Gin (a N.C. born & bred gin). This set the tone to take a peak at the menu. Deanna does seem to get a bit overexcited when going to Four Square, so she had already selected her meal….Colin, however, is not quite as prepared. Their menu choices were as follows (with commentary. Please note Deanna is NOT a food writer):
Grilled Pheasant Sausage 
grainy mustard potato salad, stewed tomatoes 
Deanna: The pheasant was tasty…like an upscale chicken apple sausage with amazing accoutrements!
Pumpkin Gnocchi
fried parsnips, French onion green beans, roasted garlic-eggplant broth
Deanna: Pumpkin-y clouds that melt in your mouth on a bed of fabulous, fresh fall veggies (brussel sprouts were out of this world). 

Grilled Antelope
chestnut-rice porridge, fall squash, mustard-brown sugar barbecue sauce
Colin: It was the best steak I’ve had in years!


St Germain “Cocktail”
chocolate-juniper cake, white chocolate-elderflower mousse,
St. Germain-scented oranges
Colin: Delectable combination of white and dark chocolate…it is a party in your mouth!
Bay Leaf Flan
quince-blackpepper bread, membrillo, Manchego tuile
Deanna: A savory twist on my favorite dessert with my favorite cheese! 
As Deanna likes to say “We always float home from the fabulous Four Square”…
Happy Friday & Good Eats!
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