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As I reflect on the 4th anniversary of the Inn coming up on April 18th, the staff often jokes that the Inn is Deanna and Colin’s baby. It took exactly 9 months to renovate and it seems to be a living and breathing at every moment. Sometimes it behaves and every once in awhile there is an occasional outburst – a broken piece of furniture or a small leak.  As the Inn has grown and developed, we’ve watched it crawl, walk and now run at full speed. In fact, Colin and Deanna are able to leave the Inn with a qualified babysitter (front desk). They have the ability to go on an occasional date night or meet with friends to relax.
While the Inn may never be on its own, Colin and Deanna have kept their passion for inn keeping. Deanna wakes up early to cook an amazing hot breakfast. She can be found clanking around the kitchen preparing raspberry pancakes or pumpkin French toast. Colin takes the evening shift, taking care of cocktail hour. He will share his mixology secrets with some of his favorite guests.
Life will get hectic again when the Crossmans break ground for their new construction 45-room boutique hotel in Cary, NC.  The King’s Daughters Inn has gained so much momentum that the town of Cary approached the couple to aid in developing the downtown area. The plans are in progress and the hotel will boast over 13,000 sq. ft. of public space with a library, full bar & restaurant as well as event spaces including meeting rooms and an outdoor terrace that will be open to the public. A high tech gym facility and spa will be on the ground floor and available for guest use. Check out updates on the Mayton Inn here.

Our staff is proud of all the accomplishments that our small, independent business has conquered and we look forward to continue growing the NEXT 4 years.The Inn is a reflection of the many wonderful small businesses that have kept North Carolina’s economy thriving and The Mayton Inn will be an extension of the Crossmans’ entrepreneurial spirit and drive.  New challenges await them as a new hotel looms in the future, but the Inn will always be their first baby. 

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