Many guests can not believe that the King’s Daughters Inn once housed many elderly women that did not have family. For over 80 years, the elderly were supported by the wonderful ladies of the King’s Daughters Society. We now have a gorgeous, hard cover book that highlights the “before” photos of the women’s home and “after” photos of the renovations. We encourage everyone to stop by and view the book. As our staff looked through the photo book, we began to chat about our own current reads. Here are some of the books:
Deanna: Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein
Samantha: Elizabeth Kostova’s The Swan Thieves
Susan: Back Pack
Judy: Barney (her son’s favorite book!)
Our Pipe Dream Book to Publish: A King’s Daughters Inn Cookbook!

Are you reading a good book? Reserve a room for the evening and sit in the sunroom with a warm cup of tea or nice glass of wine and read away!

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