Happy holiday season kick off, everyone!

We are happy to introduce our first sample pack of our specialty granola. Each gift bag contains generous sample servings of our three favorite granola blends. They make a wonderful breakfast, snack any time of day, or an easy gift idea. Gift bags are $15 a piece, available for pick up. We are also more than happy to ship to you as well!

The King’s Daughters Classic Blend has greeted you in our continental buffet spread each morning at the Inn. Bright pops of dried pineapple, sweet cranberries to balance a rich honey crunch, makes the Classic Blend a favorite hard to top.

Alongside our morning staple we have paired The P-Nuts and Pig Blend, a sweet and savory combo of candied bacon, and rich molasses oats. There’s a secret technique to this recipe- a little powdered sugar dust transforms this granola blend into a magnificent treat all day long!

Our finale, a darling Chocolate Cherry Blend, is a lovely mixture that seems to get only better as the nights grow colder. Chocolate, fruit, and crunchy granola chunks? Yes, please!

We love to take food seriously here at The King’s Daughters Inn. Our dedication to quality allows for perfected, nuanced recipes full of depth and character. Give us a call any time, or stop on in. We have goodies waiting for you! 🙂


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