The Arts are a commonality Durham passionately gets behind. There are no shortages of late night coffee houses-turned wine bars, effortlessly transforming into vibrant jazz scenes once the sun begins to fall. Local music and poetry resonate in the air of the Durham downtown scene. We are fortunate here at the King’s Daughters Inn to be within walking distance of so many lively venues, full of life, soul, amazing food, and top notch drinking. We love to discuss local attractions, big and small, with guests to create a memorable and perfected experience while staying in Durham with us. Today I’d like to discuss our main three venues, satisfying any art related craving you may desire!


The Carolina Theatre

A whopping 1.3 miles from our front porch sits the majesty that is the Carolina Theatre. There truly aren’t enough words or photos to adequately convey the charm and heart of this building. Full of history and lavish decor, your art heart is filling before your showcase time even arrives.

The Carolina Theatre offers two avenues of interest, independent films and a live theatre. This is the coveted venue one needs in their life for captivating Sundance films and award winning documentaries. Much like the theatre itself, you’ll find movies of depth, insightful substance, and off-beat perspectives. A 12 minute walk or the blink of an eye Uber ride will have you to the stunning ticket box before you’ve blinked twice.

Their live theatre showcases a range of comedians, Podcast personalities, renown musicians and performers. While tickets can be bought in advance, the seating often allows for last minute purchases as well. While the space is expansive, and beautiful, there truly isn’t a bad seat in the house.

A quick note to close the beloved Carolina Theatre, to further your evening, they also boast an impressive selection of draft beer, bottled beer, hard ciders, red and white wine are available, along with standard concession stand treats. In true Durham fashion, we aren’t a crowd of pretentious judgement. The Carolina Theatre is certainly the only venue I’ve visited, pouring two Ginger Beers into a large 24oz. cup, complete with a top and a straw! Friendly employees streamlining a bustling crowd, “Thank you for supporting the Carolina Theatre. Enjoy your show!” Popcorn and one hand, and 24oz of liquid gold in the other. “Thank you- I will!”


Durham Performing Arts Center

Or, affectionately referred to as DPAC.

Another grand 1.2 miles from our beloved King’s Daughters, the impressive DPAC located right in the heart of the downtown Durham. Having just opened in 2008, the sparkling center specializes in high profile musicians, Broadway productions, comedy events, family shows, and the acclaimed American Dance Festival. DPAC has been listed for 4 consecutive years as the Triangle’s #1 performing arts organization, and has been a staple to our entertainment needs since 2008. The pristine building, a glowing beautiful beacon, seats 2,700 people. Tickets are often purchased in advance, something we can arrange for you here at The King’s Daughters as well. According to the Pollstar magazine, DPAC has been listed in the Top 5 theatre attendance rankings for another 5 consecutive years. It is currently ranked the #4 theatre in the United States- just a mile away! How awesome!


The Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University

The Nasher, our final art selection today, clocks in at roughly 1.4 miles away, providing another perfect walking distance adventure or short drive excursion. The museum is embedded in beautiful Carolina trees, tucked into Duke’s impressive campus. The museum, and the cafe, always welcome the public, offering two featured exhibitions which are highlighted for a few months alongside their considerable main collection. The state of the art building, with high sky lights and bright walls, are a truly luminescent experience. In addition to their contemporary art, The Nasher also hosts a variety of after hours events, pairing knowledgable information (fermentation) with tangible fun (beer)!  There will be a tasting, of course. Durham loves tastings. The Nasher also hosts speakers, readings, community platforms, and weddings. It is a beautiful and versatile venue, always offering a little something no matter the day. Bonus points, after your museum tour, The Nasher is right alongside the path to The Duke Gardens! All in one hot spot, you get incredible art, a bite to eat, and the absolutely impressive Duke Gardens.

That’s a whole lot of good stuff for one blog post, I’d say. It coincides a bit with our current TripAdvisor getaway deal. If you spend 2 nights with us, we’ll happily offer your 3rd night at half the price. As always, our rates include a fresh, made to order breakfast in the morning to kick start your day on the right foot. Give us a call any time- we would love to help you create happy memories and grand experiences. That is totally what the King’s Daughters is for!

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Have a lovely Wednesday:)

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