We love to eat.
We love to drink.
We love to laugh.
And we love to share.

This Valentine’s day, we would love to have you to join us for a beautiful, romantic evening filled with some of our favorite activities. We have a sumptuous menu planned, overflowing with bubbly fun and deliciously paired canapes. The details, proverbial meat and potatoes, are forthcoming as you excitedly read on and your mouth begins to water…

Fun Fact:

On average, the mouth contains 10,000 tastebuds. (Give or take, perhaps your coffee was too hot this morning and you knocked a couple out of commision for a little while.) Valentine’s Day notoriously accomodates the sweet buds, but we here at KDI prefer a little well-rounded hedonism. We aim to please all 10,000 of those flavor recepticles to kick off your tongue – in whatever way necessary for this evening!

Champagne Anyone?

Our Annual Sparkling Wine Tasting is our favorite event of the year, quite simply because it is delicious. No need to stay the night (but don’t you want to?!); we simply want you to indulge in love this February 14th. Be it your beloved, your best friend, your daughter, your collegue – all roles of love are happily invited to come celebrate. Love your company, love your evening, and get ready to love this line up of lavish pairings we have selected just for you:

To awaken our pallets, we begin with the bright Domaine Louvetrie Atmospheres and continue on a bubbly and savory journey with Sokol Blosser Sparkling Brut (Colin and Deanna’s wedding wine, turned bubbles! Magnificent!), Franck Besson Rose Granit Beaujolais, Berlucchi Brut Rose Cuvee 61 (wouldn’t be complete with out pink bubbles!), and Nicolas Feuillaitte Brut Reserve Champagne.

By this portion of the evening, we hope your mouth is well at work. Perhaps around the 9,000 taste bud range. Drinks and words flow. Mouths and minds in harmony. This is where we introduce our dazzling nightcap, the Montevina Terra d’Oro Zinfandel Port.

Festivities will be held in our elegant dining room from 5:30-7:30PM. We aim to make your evening delightful. Reserve your spot here, at only $25 a person or $45 a couple, to ensure your beautiful Valentine’s Day this year!

For The Uber Romantics…

There are only a few rooms left for Friday the 14th, but we love a little romance any time of year. Wine lists are located in each room, available to you with a quick dial to the front desk. As the occassion calls, we may suggest the lovely Moet Imperial for a radiant bubbly at to enjoy at your own leisure, or perhaps an upgrade to the Moet et Chandon Imperial Rose. Reduced to $50 a bottle in light of a little love and romance, Moet & Chandon is an industry leader of luxury, fine champagnes, wines, and spirits. Are you salivating yet?  We will even add in some fresh chocolate covered strawberries!

As February draws nearer, our holiday dust settles and we begin to enjoy the new year. There is a good air about 2014, don’t you think? Come celebrate with one of the most magnificent, beautiful, and universal symbols – CHAMPAGNE!

Just kidding.
(But the bubbly doesn’t hurt either!)

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