Since I was not able to post for Vendor Friday (yes, weekends tend to get crazy here at the Inn), I have decided to roll both Weddings and Vendors into one this afternoon.

This past weekend we hosted the most darling couple, Jennifer & Gabe. They reserved the entire Inn for their wedding party & family to enjoy quality time together. On Saturday, they went off to Duke Chapel (make sure to check out Occupy Duke right in front) to exchange vows and danced the night away at the Cotton Room (no occupation right now and only a 5 minute drive from the Inn).

After the party wound down at the Cotton Room, the couple organized the Only Burger truck to roll up in front of the Inn for a late night snack. It was quite the hit! Having a late night snack for your guests after a night of dancing and fun is key. And what better way to show off Durham than to have one of our original food trucks! Not only is this a great wedding weekend idea, but Only Burger is the bees knees in terms of burgers and fries. Simply delicious.

If you are interested in booking the Only Burger truck for your next event, you can contact them here.

We hope more brides arrange for food trucks to stop at the Inn. It is such a fun idea (not to mention we can pick up a burger right outside our door as well)!

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