This past weekend, our marketing director flew north to visit friends. However, when making a trip to Manhattan, it is a wonderful time to do a little market research on the hospitality world. 
The beauty of boutique hotels around the world is that they can add the small extras to make a guest’s stay just a bit more enjoyable. One of the trendy hot spots in New York right now is The Standard Hotel. Boasting views of the city’s High Line and focusing on all facets of fun for the guests, The Standard has a biergarten, a living room area and a grill that has some amazing food & drink.  There is a over sized cartoon character named Kaws outside the hotel as well to add a little interesting art!
While we do not plan to have an over sized Blue Devil or Wooley Bull on our door step, we do appreciate the focus of a guest’s experience. Recently, we have been thinking of more ways to enhance our guests’ experience. We have been experimenting with a signature cookie as well as created hotel cards that are put in each person’s room at turn down.  We wish every guest to “sleep well” with their port and chocolate! Take a look….
And, of course, while the big city and bright lights were fun for the weekend, it is always great to come home to Durham sans overly expensive cocktails and extremely trendy outfits. 
It’s good to be back ya’ll.
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