Yes, we do tend to focus on food on Vendor Friday.  However, today will be focused around relaxation for the holidays. The Retreat Massage & Aesthetics is located just blocks from the King’s Daughters Inn in Brightleaf Square. With the mission statement, “The Retreat is to nurture an environment of peace and harmony that facilitates each individual’s body, mind, and spirit”, we think their spa services are  a gift for a family member or friend, a girl’s day or even to get a massage for one hour to be alone and at peace. Or get an in-room massage at the Inn from one of their therapists.
The fabulous owner, Blake, got married at the Inn last year and we instantly fell in love with her spirit and her company. The therapists at The Retreat offer some amazing massage options including a deep tissue, reflexology and warm stone sessions. In addition to amazing massages (and, yes, we are bringing it back to food), the Retreat is offering “A Taste of Downtown Durham” treatments! Incorporating different ingredients from some of our favorite restaurants, the Retreat created specialty services including the Dos Perros‘ Classic Margarita Foot Exfoliation with Reflexology, Rue Cler‘s French Toast Facial, Fullsteam Beer Facial and many more here.  

Looks like there may be a BOGO special on gift certificates at the Retreat as well!

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