The King’s Daughters Inn would love to wish you a happy 2016!

Welcoming the New Year is a time to consider one’s growth potential- a favorite subject here! Our resolution to you all is to continue growing. We can always be warmer and more hospitable for our guests. We can push ourselves to forge new relationships, discover new delicious breakfasts, and create a memorable experience every day for the incredible people who enter our grand doors. It is what drives us!

We aim to provide our communities with the warmest service and the best hospitality in all of North Carolina. We’re aware that’s a grand statement- but we have grand ideals. With this, The King’s Daughters Inn itself continues to grow. The Mayton, our sister property opening soon, allows us to expand our resolution not only to Durham, but also to Cary. We will grow personally, we will grow as a business, we will grow as a community, and we can all grow together.




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