Colin funneling the ginger ale into our containers….

Our resident mixologist, Colin, has been hard at work creating the Inn’s signature homemade ginger ale. YES! You can make ginger ale from scratch…it does not just come from a Schweppes bottle. It is similar to a mid-20’s male’s epiphany that chocolate chip cookies can be made with flour and sugar, not just out of the freezer… SIDE NOTE: If you are a male in your 20’s or have been in your 20’s and KNEW you can make cookies from scratch! Kudos and my apologies…but most (in my personal experience) do not.

The process begins with the tedious task of peeling 30 pounds of imported ginger. While our fingers still have blisters (there is no workers comp for this…I checked), we had to push through and continue on to the next step. This is where Colin takes on the majority of the project. He grinds the ginger in an industrial juicer and extracts the ginger juice.

Then the chemistry begins! The juice gets boiled down with Colin’s secret ingredients to make the perfect ginger ale syrup. Mix that with carbonated water (or Perrier) and you have your old fashioned soda fountain ginger ale!

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