“Is there some kind of big event coming up?”, nope just the King’s Daughters Inn staff doing some monthly touch ups. We take pride in our Inn and we want every experience here to be just as good as the first.

To achieve that, our small staff pitches in to fix any minor scrapes and bruises each area of the inn may have received. Everyone from the kitchen staff to our General Manager’s husband (love you Gary) picks up a rag, a paintbrush, a caulking gun, you name it and sees to it that the King’s Daughters Inn maintains its original Ooh & Ahh effect.

Mary's paint

Mary from front desk touches up the scrapes in each room


7 years of staycationers and travelers rotating in and out can inflict a bit of wear and tear on our old 1920s building. But rest assured everytime you visit us, you will be satisfied with how immaculate each room is. We appreciate all in put and criticism. It is a team effort to keep this inn in shape, so please feel free to inform us of any imperfections you notice so that we can take care of them before your next visit. Can’t wait for you to stop by =).


Alycia (Head Of Kitchen) fixed our balcony door and chatted with Faustine (baker) who wiped down our banister. Thanks LadiesLunch Time


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