With several of my close friends getting engaged (3 this week!), it seems that this is truly the season of love and joy! We hope that all the newly engaged couples enjoy the holiday season with friends and family to celebrate and revel in the moment. After all the candy canes have been consumed and the last bit of wrapping paper has been cleaned up, you may need to start thinking about the planning process. 

As a venue, we are one of the first stops for excited couples! It is the best to hear about their story, where they met, the proposal and the plans for the wedding. Some couples know exactly what they want and others feel a bit lost in all the details, so here are a couple tips when meeting with a venue representative to keep you on the right path.

1) Have your top three priorities for your wedding. If you want an amazing venue or a rad DJ or delicious cake, make sure you know what is most important to you as a couple.

2) Have a budget. Once you know the top three priorities, make sure you apply a little extra money to the important aspects you want. Then estimate about how much will go to the remainder of the wedding.

3) Have a date (with several back ups). If you have a few dates that will work for you, it is nice to have a bit of flexibility if you have found a great venue. We have many brides that love the Inn and will change to a different month just to host their wedding here! If you have a “must have” date and it is a priority, then stick to your guns and find a venue that has the date available.

4) Have an approximate guest count. With that information, the venue representative can give you a good idea on how the flow of your wedding. This way you can visualize your special day!

5) Ask questions! Don’t be afraid to ask anything! The venue is an extremely important part of the day. You want to feel comfortable about all aspects of the location, the service and the set up. 

Happy Holidays & Happy Venue Searching!

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