Whoever said “in like a lion, out like a lamb” did not live through pollen season in North Carolina. As Spring approaches and the yellow cloud of pollen settles across the southeast, we are certainly sniffling with tissues in hand! However, with the allergies comes the beauty of flowers, landscaping and fresh grass. Nothing to complain about.

Our little neighborhood of Trinity Park comes alive during the Spring. Tulips, iris and daffodils are thriving along with neighbors enjoying the warm weather. Outdoor activities in the neighborhood include everything from refurbishing furniture to sipping cocktails on the front porch or shooting hoops in the back yard. Our new idea is to get a few rocking chairs so guests can lounge, enjoy some fresh iced tea and enjoy the view of East Campus.

If you are visiting Durham or even are a local, we encourage you to walk around Trinity Park! It truly is one of the treasures of Durham. The architecture is diverse and interesting, the flowers are blooming and the park (yes, there is a park in Trinity Park) is running rampant with children and parents alike loving the easy, breezy days of Spring.

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