Courtesy of JPG Photography
We are so thrilled to be hosting a Valentine’s Day wedding this year at the Inn! Love is in the air and Durham is the perfect place to celebrate it. Every person has a different definition of “romantic” so I asked some of our staff members what there ideal Valentine’s date would be to get their perspectives.
Our phenomenal cook Faustine enjoys a cozy romantic evening with Chinese takeout and video games. For dessert she chose French press coffee and chocolate biscotti.
The KDI Sister Dream Team: Candis (left) and Faustine (right)!
Her sister, Candis, our housekeeper/maintenance extraordinaire is proving that the couple that learns together stays together by having her ideal Valentine’s date be a trip the Museum of Life and Science. After that, she would cook a simple but decadent meal of Spaghetti Bolognese with her valentine.
The Inn’s owner Deanna, loves a simple movie night in were her Valentine is cooking for her. She also stated that bourbon cocktails and a chocolate dessert are also two of her favorite things about Valentine’s Day.

This is a great holiday for spreading joy to all of your loved ones. What I have learned from our amazing and unique staff is that you should celebrate the day in the way that makes you most happy!
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