Weddings at The King’s Daughters Inn are unique, fun and sophisticated, but we could never pull off these lovely events without the help of some wonderful vendors! Miss Jessi is a true Durhamite through and through. She has an amazing eye for weddings, styled photo shoots (see below) and family photos. Here is a little bit about her experience at the Inn!

From Jessica:
The day of my photo shoot with Tre Bella Bridal was cool and gloomy outside.   The moment I set foot into the warm foyer of the King’s Daughter’s Inn, I immediately forgot about the cold.  
Even on a dreary day, the sunporch is lovely nad warm: Jessica Arden Photography
 I felt transported into a different time and place.  Delicious smells wafting from the kitchen, vases full of fresh flowers, a gorgeous bride perched delicately on a bench.  The scene is set beautifully for a wedding.  And it’s like this everyday.
The dramatic entry way of the Inn: Jessica Arden Photography
As I we ventured up the stairs, each room was a lovely as the next.  When you rent the King’s Daughters Inn out for your wedding, your guests can each have a room of their choosing.  Whichever room I was standing in was my favorite.  The purple room (The Parrish Suite) just oozes old Hollywood glamour while hallways remind me of New York’s famous Algonquin Hotel, but more French and of course, fabulous.  Each room is as unique as your wedding guests, and includes all the luxury and charm needed to make you feel special and well taken care of.  
Jessi can catch the light perfectly! Jessica Arden Photography
Thank you, Jessi! We can’t wait to shoot with you again soon! 
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