We are thrilled to be hosting a Rose’s Meat Market & Sweet Shop dinner in conjunction with Edible Earthscapes and Fickle Creek Farm!

See below for a bit more information: 

When:  Wednesday November 14 at  6:15 pm

Where: The King’s Daughters Inn, 204 N Buchanan Blvd, Durham

The Event: A five course meal with all the vegetables sourced from Edible Earthscapes and chickens from Fickle Creek Farm.  The menu will reflect all the different parts of the chicken in an effort to show our philosophy of whole animal utilization. The menu will draw influence from Jason and Haruka’s Japanese inspired crops at Edible Earthscapes and our own love of Japanese cooking. 
Tickets for the dinner are $50 and with the beer pairing $60 (this does not include gratuity)

To purchase tickets for the dinner go to:

For dinner plus beer pairing: (with Major Traslation!):
The Skin
Torikawa no Pari Pari Yaki to Mizuna Salada
(Crispy Chicken Skin and Mizuna Salad with Radishes,
 Scallions and Yuzu Viniagrette)

The Breast
Tori Mune Niku no Shio Kouji to Takana to Gudakusan Rayu
(Salt Koji Marinated Breast with Mustard Greens and Sesame Chili Relish)

The Thigh
Nukazuke no Tori Momo Niku no Sote
(Thigh Sauteed with Rice Bran Pickles and Sake)

The Bones
Tori Nanban Soba, Mitsuba to Nori Ae
(Chicken Soba with Mitsuba and Nori)

The End
Shoga Iri no Cake to Shiro Miso no Ice Cream
(Fresh Ginger Cake with White Miso Ice Cream)

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