The King’s Daughters Inn is truly an exquisite venue. It is both timeless, and modern. Elegant and approachable, but still unique.


We boast a photo ready atmosphere that allows you to dress up or dress down your big day to your personal liking. These series of shots are thanks to an incredibly talented photographer, Nikki Witt through Fancy This photography. She and Valentina, the lovely model, captured the timeless beauty our Inn, as well as its magnificent potential to provide our weddings with truly stand-out photography.

The Bridal Suite, referred to as Trinity, includes a large sunporch (photo below) which is more than enough space for a bride, and a few of her bridesmaids/family/friends, to get ready for the day. This allows you the space and privacy leading up to your electric day- in a beautiful space to call your own.  Valentina3

Trinity itself (photo below) lends amazing opportunities for romance, intimacy, luxury, beauty, and a unique experience for you and your family to reflect on for many years!


We’ve been booking up for 2017 pretty quickly- but we still have plenty of weekends available. Give us a call any time to arrange a tour with Denel or Faustine! The King’s Daughters Inn ensures a beautiful, streamlined, and timeless weekend for you and those closest to you.

It is our genuine pleasure to have this house fill up with love and family. We can’t wait to discuss your dream wedding details with you!

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